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Rgbstock: the new home of free stock photos is here

After more then ten years it seems that the final curtain has fallen for It looks like that the popular free stock photo site with free stock photos has come to an end. Sxc was for for many years the leading free stock photo site but now the site is down again after being down in August this yeat too.

Years ago, was set up by two young Hungarians and three years ago the site was sold to Getty Images. Now it seems that Getty has closed the site. We questioned Getty Images by e-mail about but they gave no response at all. Getty is totally silent about sxc.

However, many followers of says that the site was in decline for a few years already and was only used to attract visitors to go to an other Getty related site:

Meanwhile is not unique on the Internet anymore. There are many other stock photo sites that offer free stock photos. A lot of the old photographers have switched in the last years to Rgbstock is now a real alternative to Rgbstock is a fast growing and totally independent stock photo site with more than 85,000 stock photos online. All photos are free for personal and business use. The end of so it is not the end of the free stock photo industry. has become a nicer site than sxc ever was.
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